Interview with Claudio Longhi

The word to Claudio Longo, fishing expert and UNIMAR referent as part of the Entrefish project.



Theme of our Project Work:

Implementing a “standard” production regulation, is a “guide” model that fishermen can take as a reference to establish and codify sustainable production rules and thus enhance the catch of a specific territory through the adoption of a collective brand.

The objective of the production system referred to in the Disciplinary is:

Promote the adoption of sustainable fishing practices that can contribute to the preservation of the marine environment;
Contribute to the conservation of commercial stocks;
Supporting the competitiveness of operators in the supply chain;
Create greater value for products and “small-scale” activities;
Ensure the correct information and protection of the consumer;
Promote sustainable purchase choices;
Adopt a product traceability system, as simple as it is effective.


Composition of our group:

The Project Work was carried out by Dr. PAGANO Donato, who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, in collaboration with some fishermen from the Torre San Giovanni d’Ugento Marine. Fishermen BRUNO Vincenzo, BAGNATO Leonardo and BRUNO Lorenzo have particularly contributed to the Project Work.

At what point are we with the works? The Project is at the end; the Business Plan has been drawn up and, in accordance with and with the suggestions of the fishermen, the Disciplinary has been drawn up.

A video demonstration of the existing buildings in Torre San Giovanni and the needs expressed by the fishing operators is being completed.

December 4th ...

The presentation of the project will be carried out and the demonstration video will be shown. The intention is to divulge the project idea that consists in developing a system to exploit the catch and shorten the supply chain. It is a first experimentation that, if it works, could be shared with other marinas.

How do we define this experience?

Exciting and full of content. The exchange of experiences with the French friends made it possible to compare the realities of two European countries that have common problems and the same need to find solutions to solve the problems.

The comparisons and exchanges of ideas between Italian and French technicians and fishermen have made it possible to achieve the objectives set. The foundations have been laid for future collaboration and development of projects aimed at facilitating the fishermen of “Artisan Fishing”. We will work together to identify new entrepreneurship related to fishing and new technologies applicable to the sector.